In Ukraine, Android users will receive airstrike alerts

Sergei Kozlov / EPA

Again, technology at the service of security: Google will issue air raid warnings in Ukraine, using the smart phones Android.

Ukrainian citizens are facing a war with airstrikes and indiscriminate bombardments in urban areas. The fact that these attacks occur without warning means that the population loses its ability to protect itself.

To help alleviate this problem, Google decided to release airstrike alerts in Ukraine using the smart phones Android.

The measurement is already accessible, automatically. Users will receive device notifications by Gambling Services and without needing a application.

“At the request, and with the help of the Ukrainian government, we have launched an early warning air raid system to smart phones Android in Ukraine. This work complements existing air attack warning systems in the country and is based on alerts already issued by the Ukrainian government. Publication of the giant.

Mountain View technology says these air attack alerts have been adapted from the earthquake warning system from Google. Its low latency allows the transmission speed of these alerts to be high and quickly reach those who want to protect themselves.

O IFL Sciences also informs that Google will join the set of technology companies that limit or completely stop sales and support of Software to Russian markets.

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