March lilac

La Marche des Lilacs, cervical cancer awareness month. Period of reflection on a disease that can be detected early and treated with high cure rates.

Initial signs such as increased vaginal secretions, post-coital bleeding and pelvic pain are already considered symptoms of possible advanced disease; and what is targeted by prevention is the initial stage of the disease, when there are no symptoms.

The Ministry of Health recommends the preventive examination carried out by vaginal smear, for all sexually active women and from the age of 25, it should be noted that any gynecological symptoms, you should immediately consult a medical specialist.

Vaccination against the HPV virus (human papillomavirus) is considered an important preventive measure, since the virus is considered to be the main etiological agent responsible for cervical cancer. The vaccine is recommended for boys and girls from the age of 9, even before the start of sexual activity; as well as the use of female and male condoms, thus considerably reducing the risks of contagion, but promiscuity and smoking contribute to a more aggressive course of the disease.

Cervical cancer is considered a slowly progressive disease and offers the possibility of diagnosis and treatment at different stages of the disease. The development of the disease to an advanced stage takes years to occur, the average age of incidence occurs in women between 40 and 50 years old, so maintaining regularity in preventive examinations and consultation with the gynecologist, leads to diagnosis and treatment.

The estimate for the year 2022 is 16,710 new cases, with a death toll of 6,596 women for all of Brazil, being considered the second most common type of cancer among women in the Midwest region (15 ,92/100,000).

Treatment is individualized for each woman and guided by an oncologist. Treatment alternatives include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The stage of the disease, the size of the tumour, personal factors and the desire to have children; will define the best choice for curing and controlling cancer.

LAUZAMAR ROGE SALOMÃO JUNIOR is an oncology surgeon at HCanMT

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