Samsung’s Galaxy Z Slide could bring a transparent folding screen

The new Galaxy Z are important evolutions compared to the previous models. In the background, the South Korean manufacturer is developing more and more foldable smartphone models.

THE Samsung recorded a patent for a new kind of screen transparent foldable, which can be used on your next Galaxy Z Slide smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z will use a foldable transparent screen

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are the third-generation foldable phones from Samsung. The handsets are significant evolutions over previous models. In the background, the South Korean manufacturer is developing more and more foldable smartphone models.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Slide could bring a transparent folding screen 1

Recently, the LetsGoDigital reported the existence of an extra-large Galaxy Z Flip & Slide smartphone. This device is a very unique and versatile multiplying Galaxy Z Fold. Meanwhile, Samsung seems to be exploring the possibilities of developing a phone with a transparent screen. This speculation stems from the company’s latest patent application.

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In July 2021, Samsung Electronics filed a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for a “Sliding electronic device and method of using a transparent screen in said electronic device”. The complete documentation describes a Samsung Galaxy smartphone whose screen can be enlarged in width. This expands the viewing area in an instant, ideal for those times when a large screen is desired. In some aspects, this patent is reminiscent of the Oppo X 2021 which you can see in the video below.

Returning to the Samsung patent, the flexible screen extends from the right side to the back of the smartphone. In its most compact form, it’s a dual-sided screen phone. A special feature here is the possibility of turning off the screen part of the box on the back. Users can rotate the screen to make it upright. This creates a laptop-like form factor, for added versatility. In this way it is possible to use several apps side by side without any problems. Ideal for work, but also for entertainment such as games or viewing multimedia content.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Slide slides with a transparent screen

The document also shows that Samsung wants to make the screen part transparent. To make this possible, the company will use polarizing plates. The degree of transparency depends on how it will be used – from completely translucent to partially translucent.

As soon as the user wants to take a photo, the viewfinder becomes transparent so that the camera can see through. Users can select filter type, such as ultraviolet filter, neutral L filter, polarizing filter and cross filter.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Slide in the patent comes with multiple cameras. The rear camera system consists of several sensors located under the viewfinder. We are talking about a wide angle and a telephoto or a macro camera. To measure distant objects, there is an infrared sensor.

Additionally, an under-display front camera is available for selfies and video calls. Additionally, users can use the rotating camera for selfies.

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VIA: Letsgodigital

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