Santa Isabel Hospital Begins Colonoscopy Effort This Monday

The Town Hall of João Pessoa begins, this Monday (14), at the Municipal Hospital of Santa Isabel (HMSI), the working group of colonoscopy examinations to expedite the possible diagnoses of colorectal cancer, known as colon cancer. intestine, in addition to other intestinal diseases. Until Wednesday (16), 80 procedures must be performed.

The action is part of the ‘Blue March’ campaign to prevent bowel cancer and will have the participation of doctors, anaesthesiologists, nurses, nursing technicians and support staff. During the three days of the working group, patients who were already on the waiting list for municipal regulations, registered and with guides to carry out the examination will benefit.

“All the logistics for the realization of the working group have been carefully prepared by the Coloproctology Service of Santa Isabel Hospital to guarantee the best service to users”, said the general director of the unit, Dr. Adriana Lobão, who highlighted the hospital’s support for initiatives such as this one, “which focuses on diagnosing diseases at an early stage, especially cancer.”

bowel cancer

Colonoscopy is the best way to detect bowel cancer in its early stages. According to doctor Shirlane Frutuoso Malheiros, who coordinates the coloproctology residency program at HMSI, bowel cancer or colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death among men and women worldwide.

The disease is more common in people over 45 or in those with a family history of positive cases. “Most cases are diagnosed late, when the treatment put in place is less effective. Hence the importance of actions like the mutirão,” he said.

On the other hand, he specifies, the disease is preventable, either by changing habits with the elimination of risk factors (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diet low in fiber or rich in meats and fats), or by preventive examinations (research for fecal occult blood and colonoscopy), which should be performed periodically under medical advice.

The working group takes place through a partnership between the Coloproctology Medical Residency of Santa Isabel Hospital and the Brazilian Society of Endoscopy (Sobed/Regional Paraíba), with the support of the Brazilian Society of Coloproctology (SBCP).

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