The 5 best-selling cell phones in 2021 were an iPhone

The 5 best-selling cell phones in 2021 were an iPhone: Apple dominates the global market. Globally, Apple continues to be trusted by consumers, of the top 10 best-selling phones in the world in 2021, seven were iPhones, and more specifically, the top five on the list are Apple models. The first review of last year comes the same day that Apple renewed the iPhone SE (which is also among the best sellers) and presented the new ultra-powerful computer, Mac Studio, an announcement that could be followed online from the ‘Spain.

After the iPhone 12 and 13 which preside over the ranking, there is a economical cell phone given Samsung and two bestsellers from Xiaomi. The two Asian companies are now playing their position on a global scale, where Xiaomi is hot on the heels of Samsung.

This ranking is part of the global study carried out by the company Counterpoint with sales in 2021. The report reveals that the market closed a little more than in 2020, with the ten best-selling mobile phones accounting for 2% more of sales than in the previous year of the pandemic, or 19% compared to the 4,200 models that were active last year.

They guarantee in Counterpoint that this is the first time that Apple has occupied so many positions in this ranking. The top five spots on the list are taken by the world’s best-selling iPhone 12, followed by iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 11, in that order. This is the line presented in September 2020 and, despite the supply problems caused by the pandemic and the lack of components, they have achieved the highest distribution values.

There is also the iPhone presented in September 2021, in less than four months this new model has managed to impose itself in third place. The report says the top three phones contributed 41% of Apple’s total sales. The most premium version, the iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in 9th place with 1.3% of global sales.

Counterpoint attributes the success of the iPhone 12 series to the integration of 5G. According to a study by Ookla presented at the beginning of 2022, among the best-selling Apple phones are also the five phones that best take advantage of the speed offered by 5G networks in Spain.

Samsung and Xiaomi

The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes in sixth place on this list, a terminal that contrasts with Apple’s mobile phones because it is a basic design with a price of less than 200 euros. Despite the brand’s efforts to fight Apple in the most premium setting with the Galaxy S, they don’t appear among the first.

The Galaxy A12 is said to have outperformed its high-end siblings for its “good camera configuration, large battery, six memory configurations and longer software support, a cost-effective product” that won over buyers in North America, Latin America and Western Europe. according to data from Counterpoint.

On the contrary, in the China, India and Asia-Pacific regions, Xiaomi’s Redmi 9A and Redmi 9 phones perform best. Both represent 22% of the brand’s total sales and closely follow Samsung’s low end.

“With entry-level models facing component shortages in 2021, we’ve also seen a faster spread of key features in the mid-range segment,” he concludes. Counterpoint Report. This new market distribution can be maintained in 2022 as long as component shortages continue to be felt.

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