The Aedes aegypti Infestation Rapid Index (LIRAa) survey for March shows 1.9% deposits with a mosquito outbreak in Três Lagoas

The Municipal Department of Health (SMS) of Três Lagoas, through the Endemics and Vector Control Team, sector of the Directorate of Health Surveillance and Sanitation, published this Friday (11), the survey on the rapid infestation index by Aedes aegypti – LIRA for this month of March 2022.

According to the published survey, the building infestation index (BII) for March is 1.9%, i.e. of the 3,190 properties visited by the endemic agents, 66 positive deposits were found in 62 of the properties that have experienced vector outbreaks.

According to evaluation criteria, adopted by the Ministry of Health, there are 3 ranges of indices concerning the LIRAa extract. Up to 0.9% is considered satisfactory, i.e. without risk of outbreaks and epidemics, with sporadic cases; from 1 to 3.9% is considered an alert and, from 4%, an imminent risk of outbreak and epidemic.


Of the 64 neighborhoods assessed, the highest rates were recorded in the following neighborhoods: Jardim Alvorada (06 positive cases), Vila Nova (05 cases), Vila Alegre and Vila Piloto (04 cases each).

In this assessment, the highest infestation rate continues to be small mobile depots with 50%, followed by fixed depots with 19.7% in each department and 9.1% in tires and other rolling stock.


The coordinator of endemics, Alcides Ferreira, recommends redoubled attention in the fight against the mosquito Aedes aegypti throughout the year. “We advise people not to leave standing water anywhere. We must continue to contribute to the collective awareness of inspecting breeding grounds in homes and backyards, in addition to public places and vacant lots,” he concluded.

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