THE BALL – The Dragons left Financial Fair Play and Conceição recalled the difficulties in Guimarães and Braga (FC Porto)

During the press conference ahead of the game against Tondela, FC Porto coach Sérgio Conceição was asked about the news that emerged yesterday that the club were outside of Financial Fair Play jurisdiction.

“I can go back a bit on that: I went to V. Guimarães in a difficult period, then Pedro Martins arrived and he had a fantastic team, and I was struggling. At SC Braga, Salvador Agra, André Pinto, Marcelo, Djavan, all players at zero cost, we teamed up and went to the Cup final. Years later it was different. I also came here with a challenge, at the beginning of a difficult period financially, our job was to try, in the difficulties, to do our best to win. That’s the only way the UEFA millions come in, the sales millions, and that’s how it happened.”

He played two games in a row with the same eleven, is a management against Tondela inevitable before Lyon? “The danger has nothing to do with these two games, we will play the fourth day. Maybe a match with Boavista will be dangerous. We play on Thursday, we come back the same day or on Friday, we only have Saturday to recover and on Sunday we train to play because afterwards there are teams. We are ready to play every 3 days, but we cannot hide the overload of the calendar, you have to be smart and creative, but I thought it was the eleven who gave the right answer to go to Lyon with a certain comfort in the draw. I always wanted to do it right, but I don’t know if I would win by putting 4 or 5 different players, or if I would lose by two or three zeros.

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