The work of eliminating Aedes aegypti in strategic points of the city, such as cemeteries, is constant – City Council of Vitória da Conquista

In addition to the daily work of home visits, the teams for the fight against endemics carry out routine actions with focal blocking of the Aedes aegypti mosquito – which transmits dengue fever, chikungunya and zika – at strategic points in the city, cemeteries, garages , dumps, outdoor areas of Ciretran and the Police Complex, among others.

Every 15 days, agents visit these points, such as the Cemitério da Saudade, in the Sumaré district, in order to eliminate possible mosquito epidemics.

Endemic disease coordinator Eliezer Almeida explains that the blockage is done by spraying with larvicide, using a motorized knapsack sprayer.

Specifically in cemeteries, the attention of officers is doubled, because there is constantly water accumulating in flower vases. Therefore, the coordinator asks the population to be careful to avoid the reproduction of Aedes aegypti.

“We advise people who leave flowers for their loved ones to avoid putting water in the containers, as this creates the conditions for mosquitoes to breed.”

It should be mentioned that the rains also contribute to the accumulation of water and, therefore, the work is constant. Spray locks are designed to eliminate the adult mosquito population in these places and prevent other people from becoming infected with any of the diseases transmitted by it.

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