PHOTO: Russian teams line up to make a ‘Z’ in support of the military

After case of Ivan Kuliak, who took to the podium with a “Z” on his chest, Russian sport has once again shown its support for the Russian army invading Ukraine. Teams form the letter “Z”, a symbol affixed to Russian artillery cars on the battlefield, as the anthem sounds.

It took place at the start of two games of bandy, a variant of ice hockey with eleven players on each side, in the semi-finals of the Russian league. Players of SKA Neftyanik and Dinamo Moscow and later Vodnik and Kuzbass, contrary to the usual composition, in front of the fans formed the symbol of support for the Russian army.

However, according to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, not all players participated in this demo. According to the newspaper, Swedish player Simon Jansson, who plays for Kuzbass, was embarrassed by the attitude of his teammates and returned to the locker room. “I marked a position with this gesture”, comments the player who says he is incredulous at the attitude of his team.

However, not all foreigners turned away from the gesture of the Russian players. According to the Finnish press, Tuomas Määttä, star of Neftjanik, would also have participated in the demonstration of support for the Russian army.

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