Samsung shareholders demand executive ‘head’ after recent unrest

Not so long ago, the Samsung restructured its activity by integrating its Smartphone division with the Samsung Electronics. This resulted in its smartphone division finding itself in charge of TM Roha flamboyant personality who appears frequently at brand launch events.

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According to game symphonythe recent turn of events the company has gone through could trigger a further restructuring of the South Korean brand. Samsung has had more than its fair share of controversy lately.

The recent GOS debacle, where several games were deliberately underperformed by the company without communicating with the user, combined with the breach of 190GB of leaked confidential data by the hacking group known as Labsus , left shareholders stunned.

Many are unconvinced of TM Roh’s leadership skills and have started an online petition calling for a new election.


Samsung shareholders demand
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Samsung is carrying out online electronic voting activity ahead of this year’s general shareholders’ meeting, which will be held on March 16.

Investors are primarily concerned about the possibility that these problems will have a negative impact on the image of the company.

Samsung: an avalanche of problems

Due to the limitation of applications, Geekbench has for example excluded smartphones of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 series from its performance measurement platform (benchmark). This is the first time that Samsung has received the same treatment as Chinese suppliers.

While the brand released an official statement on the GOS limitation, the generic response did little to assuage the anger of fans and enthusiasts who believe the manufacturer lied about the true performance potential of its smartphones. .

Samsung’s intentions may not have been malicious, but the assessment is that deliberately spoiling its devices in the name of energy efficiency without clearly telling the consumer at the time of purchase is unacceptable.

To make matters worse, the data stolen from the servers is still available online.

With information about the Galaxy’s source code in hand, not only is the brand exposed, but also users (with the code in hand, malicious actors can develop new ways to circumvent device security).

It remains to be seen whether or not a high-level management change will improve the situation.

TM Roh has yet to officially comment, making it more clear that it will be an internal restructuring away from the mainstream press.

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