The town hall publishes the results of the 4th BCC…

The Municipality of Marília, through the Municipal Health Service and Zoonoses Division, has published the results of the 4th BCC (Breeder Blockage Control), held last Saturday, March 12, in the aim of preventing the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue fever.
The blocking action took place in the Parque das Nações, Marina Moretti, Santa Antonieta II, Liliana and Alto Cafezal neighborhoods, from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., involving 50 servers, including 36 community health workers, six Endemic Combat Agents, five Supervisors and the Municipal Zoonoses Supervisor, in addition to two drivers.
The blockade took place in 83 blocks, including 23 in the Alto Cafezal neighborhood and another 60 blocks in the neighborhoods of Marina Moretti, Santa Antonieta II, Liliana and Parque das Nações.
Officers visited 1,407 homes cleared to enter. Another 1,002 houses were closed and there were 21 refusals. As a result, we achieved an average of 33.5 homes worked per agent.
Professionals visited homes, entered backyards, doing the work of eliminating possible breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The action also included education, research into symptoms and risk situations.
“This was our 4th edition of the BCC and the evaluation was very positive, with visits to over 1,407 homes. The number of refusals was low, which makes us satisfied, showing that the population is aware of the need to prevent the proliferation of Aedes Aegypti, thus preventing dengue fever and other diseases. We thank all the professionals who have participated as well as the population who have been an excellent partner, collaborating so that the professionals develop their work,” said the Municipal Secretary of Health, Cássio Luiz Pinto Júnior.

To avoid dengue, precautions must be maintained throughout the year, as any type of standing water can be the ideal environment for the mosquito to proliferate.
Certain precautions must be taken to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes, such as:
DO NOT LEAVE DEAD WATER – Always be aware of water accumulation in containers such as plant pots, tires, gutters, cans, among others. Use soil or sand in pots and dishes and keep them clean.
WATER BOXES, TANKS AND WELLS – Keep them closed and sealed. Cover with fabric those that do not have their own cover.
GARBAGE, WASTE AND OLD TIRES – Rubble and rubbish should be disposed of properly. Store the tires in a covered place or drill holes so that water does not accumulate.
INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GARBAGE – Keep garbage cans covered and out of the rain. Seal the plastic bag tightly.
Gutters – Clean and level. Always keep them free of leaves and materials that could impede the passage of water.
TILES – Do not allow water to pool on the tiles. Always keep them dry.
DRAINS – Cover drains with screens or keep them sealed, especially those that are not in use.
PET CONTAINERS – Pet water containers should be washed very well with soap and water at least twice a week.
REFRIGERATOR WATER COLLECTOR AND AIR CONDITIONING – Behind the refrigerator is a water collector. Wash it once a week, just like the air conditioner trays.
BOTTLES – The bottles must be wrapped and thrown in the trash. If stored, they should be covered or upside down.
FACILITATE DISEASE CONTROL – Always allow access to the Zoonosis Control Officer in your residence or business establishment.
The symptoms of the disease are as follows: high fever of sudden onset; migraine; pain behind the eyes; loss of taste and appetite; nausea and vomiting; dizziness; Extreme tiredness; red patches and rashes resembling measles; softness and pain in the body; and intense muscle pain, in the joints and behind the eyes.
If dengue fever is suspected, find the nearest health unit or health post to your residence. Prompt diagnosis is essential in treatment.
If you know of a place that does not comply with dengue prevention guidelines, report it through the Marília Town Hall Ombudsman: Phones: 0800-7766-111 and (14) 99799-6361 (Whatsapp); E-mail: [email protected]; and Website:

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