YouTube Advanced will be discontinued

YouTube Vanced was an app that gave YouTube and YouTube Music users additional features over the traditional Google app, including the ability to block ads and play in the background, which normally isn’t available only for YouTube Premium. .

Despite all the popularity, it looks like Google has decided to take action against the app. The creators of the same recently revealed that they will stop providing updates and the app itself for “legal reasons”.

Known only as “Team Vanced”, the team responsible for developing the application revealed which will immediately end its support, and the apps will also no longer be available for download.

For those who have installed the same, they will continue to work normally, but the features should eventually stop working – taking into account that YouTube should also do everything possible to block their features, and they will not be provided. updates .

According to the message shared on the team’s Discord, all links will be terminated. It’s worth noting that the team doesn’t reveal many details about why the measure will be applied, citing only that it will be for legal reasons – which immediately leads to the association with YouTube and Google.

One of the enforcers says the public doesn’t need to know exactly what the reason for the shutdown is, but it’s perfectly visible what it will be. That is, given the connection between the application and YouTube, rumors indicate that it will certainly be due to a legal measure by Google.

Although there are alternative players to YouTube and YouTube Music, the reality is that not all of them have the same features as YouTube Vanced. It has been seen as a full YouTube replacement on Android smartphones.

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