Zoonoses conducts surveillance actions against dengue fever in São Roque

Vector control agents, from the Zoonoses Service of São Roque, carry out a surveillance action against dengue fever which has traveled to several regions of São Roque. The initiative covers the whole city and, since the beginning of the year, the professionals have already visited more than 3,400 homes in different areas of the city.

During the action, with the authorization of the citizens, the agents enter the houses and carry out a rapid analysis of the places, in search of epidemics of Aedes aegypti, advising the resident on the care necessary to prevent the proliferation of the mosquito.

Agents are properly uniformed with City of São Roque clothing and badges, which identify them as vector agents, in addition to driving official municipal government vehicles.

So far, agents have already covered areas in the central region of the city and the neighborhoods of Vila Irene, Jardim Carambei, Bairro Estação, São Rafael, Santo Antônio, Landscape Colonial, Jardim Villaça and Taboão.

This Monday, the professionals will visit houses in the Junqueira neighborhood and will soon travel to other neighborhoods in São Roque. If in doubt about the passage of agents, the citizen can contact the Zoonosis Division, at 4784-851 / 8519.

Dengue fever care

According to the town hall, the fight against dengue is everyone’s duty and the population can collaborate to keep Aedes aegypti away from our city, with some simple but very important care for the preservation of everyone’s health.

• Cover water tanks and reservoirs
• Keep the gutters always clean
• Leave bottles and containers upside down
• Weekly clean or fill pots of potted plants with sand
• Cover trash cans
• Clean the drains and put the strainer
• Keep tarps for construction materials and swimming pools always taut so as not to accumulate water.

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