Electricity and natural gas prices will increase from April

Faced with “the rise in prices on the wholesale electricity and natural gas markets”, ERSE – Entidade The regulator of energy services informs on Tuesday that it will proceed next month to an automatic update “of the prices of energy tariffs on the regulated markets of the electricity and natural gas sectors”.

With this update, 3.45 kVA electricity contracts will increase by 1.05 (2.7% more) and 6.9 kVA electricity contracts will increase by 2.86 (3 % what’s more).

These new tariffs come into force on April 1 and concern “regulated market consumers (around 6% of total consumption and 927,000 customers in January 2022)”.

The same will apply to natural gas prices, which will increase by an average of 3%” for the 230,000 customers who remain on the regulated market.

Consumers in the first level of natural gas will pay an additional 33 cents (2.6% more) and those in the second level will pay an additional 70 cents (3% more).

Given these increases, theERSE advises all consumers to be aware of possible changes in price conditionspointing out that it recently issued advice to consumers in the event of modification of the contract by the supplier, through a ERSExplain.

The regulator also recalls that “consumers can look for potential savings” on bills through this simulator.

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