Flavio Meireles leaves V. Guimarães – V. Guimarães

An amicable termination agreement is in place and should be concluded by the end of the week

According to information collected by disk, Flávio Meireles has told António Miguel Cardoso’s management that he intends to leave the club. An irreversible decision, despite the new Victorian president inviting him to remain in office. As we found out, António Miguel Cardoso wanted Flávio Meireles to continue in the professional football structure, but the coordinator of the A and B teams refused this possibility and showed himself open to the amicable termination procedure. The former player and sporting director of Guimarães has been suspended from his duties by Miguel Pinto Lisboa, after his name was suggested by candidate Alex Costa to assume the post of sporting director again if he wins the elections that took place. place on March 5. Since then, Flávio Meireles has stayed away from the club’s daily routine, even after the new management took office. With the friendly termination, Flávio Meireles, 45, completes another cycle in Vitória. Born in Ribeira de Pena, the former midfielder arrived in Guimarães to represent the U17 side in the 1992/1993 season. Later, having distinguished himself at Moreirense, he returned to the club in the 2003/2004 season, having spent eight consecutive seasons in the first team, until he hung up his boots in the summer 2011. Since then, Flávio Meireles has been part of the structure of professional football. , having assumed the role of sporting director for several seasons.

By Bruno Freitas

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