Referee hospitalized after being attacked by a player during a district match: the defense was stopped – Futebol Nacional

Baresi, from Senhora da Hora, goes to court this Monday

The AF Porto 1st Division 23rd round match between São Félix da Marinha and Senhora da Hora has been interrupted due to an attack by a player from the visiting team towards referee André Gomes. Baresi, defender of Senhora da Hora, was even arrested and will appear in court on Monday. The referee, who did not resume the game, was hospitalized. The president of Senhora da Hora, Vasco Carvalho, regretted what happened on social media and apologized. “Very sad day for me, when at 80 minutes, with the result at 0 to 0 and Senhora da Hora playing very well, in an exchange of words between the referee and an athlete from Senhora da Hora, our athlete was expelled” , wrote emphasizing: “He said that in the act of expulsion he had been insulted by the referee and had reacted by attacking him. An inexcusable attitude, because the referee was whistling well and he did not there is nothing that justifies an assault on a referee or any player in a football game. I can only apologize to everyone and deeply regret what happened,” the manager said.

(news updated at 12:27 p.m.)

By Gonçalo Vasconcelos


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