Sleeping with the light on increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes; to understand

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According to a study published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last Monday (14), sleeping with the light on can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. To arrive at this statement, scientists from Northwestern University (USA) monitored the blood sugar and heart rate of 20 people for two nights.

The 20 participants were divided into two groups: the first spent both nights sleeping in a dimly lit environment, while the other spent one of those nights in an environment with the lights on.

With this, the researchers found that the levels of melatonin (a sleep-related hormone) were similar in both groups, but the one who spent the night with the lights on had greater insulin resistance and an unstable heartbeat. the morning.

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Sleeping with the light on increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes (Image: RossHelen/Envato)

The theory is that light helps the biological clock, which controls the rhythms of physiology and behavior, including metabolism. The team concluded that people should opt for a dark environment to sleep.

However, the researchers themselves acknowledge that the sample is still small, and that larger-scale testing (with more participants, different age ranges, over multiple nights) can help to deeply understand the impact that sleeping with light can have an impact on health.

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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