Smartwatches grew by 25% in 2021; Apple remains the leader

The years pass, the years pass and Apple continues to navigate without much fear in the universe of smart watches — Apple quickly captured segment leadership after the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015 and shows no signs of letting up. Or can you?

THE Search for counterpoint recently arrived with Cumulative figures of the global connected watches market 2021, and the storyline remains positive for Apple — although the company suffered a small pullback. Specifically, the 32.9% share that Apple held in 2020 has shrunk to 30.1% of segment12 million units sold – last year.

In practice, what has happened is that Apple has grown at a slower pace than the market over the past year: the smartwatch segment jumped by 24% year-over-year, with 40 million units sold altogether. Growth was mainly driven by increased demand for cheaper models, up to US$100 – precisely the range of the market in which Apple does not operate.

Counterpoint on connected watches, 2021

But Apple also has good news: its ASP (average sale priceor average selling price) increased by 3% as the company did not launch a new model of Apple Watch SE in 2021. With the growth, it captured no less than half of all segment revenue.

THE Samsung continues its upward trajectory, rising from 9% to 10.2% in the market, while Huawei – still under US sanctions – is tracing the opposite path, downwards. imoo, ama fit, Garmin, fitbit, Xiaomi and We are complete marks, all between 5% and 2.5%.

So let’s see how this scenario will reshape throughout the year we are in. Paris?

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple WatchSE

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