To fight dengue fever, Saúde begins the fourth phase of releasing “modified” mosquitoes in Campo Grande · Jornal Midiamax

The fourth phase of the symbolic liberation of wolbitos — Aedes aegypti mosquito with Wolbachia — started this Tuesday (15), in Campo Grande. At this stage, the project will affect nearly 130,000 people in nine districts of the capital.

For the Secretary of State for Health, Geraldo Resende, the results of the Wolbachia Method are encouraging. “We are thrilled. Thus, we want to scale and expand this initiative to other cities in the state,” he commented.

The head of the WMP (World Mosquito Program) in Brazil, Luciano Moreira, explains that mosquitoes in Wolbachia will be released in nine districts of the capital. “Mosquitoes are released into the environment. They breed with field mosquitoes and help create a new generation of mosquitoes with Wolbachia, the wolbites. Over time, the percentage of Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes increases, until it remains high without the need for further release.

The fourth phase is expected to reach over 128,000 people who will be served by the program and it is expected that 10 million Wolbitos will be released. The project will cover the following neighborhoods: Coronel Antonino, José Abrão, Mata do Jacinto, Mata do Segredo, Monte Castelo, Nasser, Novos Estados, Nova Lima and Seminary.

The fifth phase of the project will include 21 neighborhoods: Amambaí, Autonomista, Bandeirantes, Bela Vista, Cabreúva, Caiçara, Carvalho, Centro, Cruzeiro, Glória, Itanhangá, Jardim dos Estados, Margarida, Monte Líbano, Planalto, Santa Fé, São Bento, São Francisco, Sobrinho, Taveirópolis and União.

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