Braga hires a Ukrainian goalkeeper and takes the family to Portugal

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Bohdan Isachenko is part of the U19 team and his mother will be an employee of the club.

Braga signed 18-year-old Ukrainian goalkeeper Bohdan Isachenko, ex-Dynamo kyiv, and rescued his family, bringing them to Portugal at the player’s request, in order to escape the conflict in that country after the invasion by the Russia.

Bohdan had been on Arsenal’s radar since last season and about a month ago he arrived at Minho to test in the club’s youth ranks. The goalkeeper passed the tests and, after knowing he was going to be signed, war broke out in Ukraine around three weeks ago, which led him to ask Braga if he could help his family . Minho officials were responsive to the request and sponsored the rescue of Natalia Zherzherunova and Varya Zherzherunova, the player’s mother and sister respectively, who arrived in Portugal via Germany on the 13th.

Braga offered Bohdan’s family a house (the goalkeeper lives with other players in the team) and also a job for his mother, in the basketball section. Natalia Zherzherunova worked at the Ukrainian Basketball Federation.

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