Chinese Customs Detain Man With 160 Intel CPUs Stuck To Body

In addition to news about new product launches, company news, equipment tips and suggestions, we also often share ridiculous and often incredulous information that happens in the tech segment.

So, today’s news reports that Chinese customs recently arrested a man who had as many as 160 Intel-branded processors stuck to his body.

Man arrested with 160 Intel processors stuck to his body

It seems that the work of customs officers and authorities in China is not easy. After yesterday we had reported that these same customs had seized a total of 5,840 XFX graphics cards for being illegally tagged, now recent information shows authorities have detained a man at the scene who had as many as 160 Intel processors glued to his body.

Subject attempted to enter the country on foot, but his odd posture and unusual way of walking did not go unnoticed. As such, suspecting something was wrong, Chinese customs officers went to the man's house to analyze the situation and discovered that his body was filled with 160 11th and 12th Gen Intel Core processors.

According to the Chinese customs channel on the Weibo social network, it was around 1 p.m. that the man, named Zeng, entered the country by the "non-declaration route" at Gongbei customs. Authorities noticed something was wrong and detained him for inspection. During this process, they seized 160 Intel processors and 16 foldable smartphones stuck inside the calf, waist and abdomen. In the publication a video is also left that captures the moment of the inspection and which you can see here.

But this is not the only case, because in July 2021 another topic was also arrested in Hong Kong after taking away 256 Intel processors glued to the body.

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