Cláudia presents Sonae’s accounts dressed in the colors of Ukraine and closes deals in Russia – Empresas

“Europe is facing a war. A war imposed on a sovereign country without legitimate reason. A war that is causing millions of innocent people to suffer. Faithful to our principles and to the commitments made by the various international organizations to which we belong, we We will contribute to defending the values ​​of democracy and peace, supporting those most affected by this conflict,” writes Cláudia Azevedo in the letter accompanying the press release on Sonae’s 2021 accounts, published today by the Securities Market Commission ( CMMV).

Following this declaration of support for Ukraine, the CEO of Sonae arrived dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag at her first in-person press conference to present the group’s accounts, which takes place this Thursday, March 17.

“It was a tribute to our Ukrainian workers,” assumed Cláudia Azevedo, who revealed that the group is creating a support platform for Ukrainian refugees that aims to facilitate their integration in Portugal.

When asked if Sonae had business in Russia and Ukraine, she replied that the group had no operations in Ukrainian territory, while in the country ruled by Putin there were only only one subsidiary of Losan, which sells children’s clothing, has been ordered to close.

“We had contracts with distributors of children’s clothing and we simply closed them. We stopped sending clothes,” said Cláudia Azevedo.

Sonae’s profit was €268 million in 2021, compared to €71 million in 2020 – the best result in eight years, with Maxmat at MC and Bizdirect at Bright Pixel classified as held for sale, all periods of 2020 and 2021 having been restated to include them in discontinued operations.

Consolidated turnover amounted to 7,023 million euros, a record value and an increase of 5.3% compared to 2020.

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