Dasa expands its scientific production and publishes 252 articles in 2021, including 69 related to Covid-19

Dasa, an integrated health network, with the support of the Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa Dasa (IEPD), a non-profit entity of which the company is the main sponsor, published 252 articles in scientific journals in 2021. The number – referring only to publications in indexed journals – represents a growth of more than 50% compared to 2020.

In two years of the pandemic, doctors and scientists linked to Dasa, with the support of the IEPD, have produced 69 scientific articles directly related to Covid-19. Among them, 24 studies have been published in journals such as nature, lancet, Science and New England Journal of Medicineconsidered to have a strong scientific impact.

An article published in natural medicine, for example, brings a robust and highly generalizable artificial intelligence model to help triage patients with Covid-19. The study highlights the importance of federated learning (a method used to train AI with data from multiple sources, preserving patient anonymity) and process optimization, streamlining data sharing safely and efficiently.

“We have regularly published high-impact articles in the medical literature in areas such as artificial intelligence, genomics, oncology, radiology and Covid-19. The partnership with IEPD reflects Dasa’s vision to integrate the experience of clinical practice with the generation of scientific knowledge, generating value for the entire health chain”, says Flavia Paiva Lopes, Executive Coordinator of the IEPD.

Articles in journals such as nature, Science, The Lancet, BMJ Magazines, PNAS, JACC Journals, Annals of Neurology, radiology, endoscopy, pubmed, Opinion on Obesity and Emerging infectious diseases have raised the profile of Dasa and IEPD as one of the strengths of the generation of high-level medical and scientific knowledge in Brazil.

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