Dengue fever cases increase by around 8000% in a month in Xanxerê

the municipality of Xanxereto west of Santa Catarina, is already considered infested by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, dengue transmitter. According to Epidemiological Surveillance, from February 14 to March 14, there was an 8,000% increase in the number of positive dengue fever cases.

The municipality of Xanxerê is already considered to be infested with the – Photo: Xanxerê Town Hall/Disclosure/NDThe municipality of Xanxerê is already considered to be infested by the mosquito – Photo: Town hall of Xanxerê/Disclosure/ND

The jump increased from 1 to 81, of which 80 are indigenous, that is to say they contracted the virus in the municipality, and one is imported, contracted in another municipality. Suspected cases increased from 3 on February 14 to 250 on March 14. Among them, 155 are waiting for the results of the exams.

Health surveillance coordinator Caroline Cenzi points out that the neighborhoods with the most mosquito outbreaks are Vista Alegre, Centro, La Salle, Matinho, São Romero, Veneza, Tacca, Tonial and Colatto. According to Caroline, the municipality currently has 89 traps to capture the dengue mosquito in 26 strategic points.

The coordinator stresses that this is an extremely delicate moment and that everyone must be on the lookout for possible breeding sites in their homes, as the number is increasing every day at an alarming rate.

The municipality currently has 89 traps to catch the dengue mosquito at 26 strategic points – Photo: Xanxerê Town Hall/Disclosure/NDThe town currently has 89 traps to capture dengue mosquitoes at 26 strategic points – Photo: Xanxerê Town Hall/Disclosure/ND

“It is important that every resident checks gutters, cisterns, water tanks, swimming pools or any container that can accumulate water. We are all susceptible to dengue fever. The use of repellent is important, but the elimination of breeding sites is more effective, because it eliminates the mosquito,” explains Caroline.

Epidemiological surveillance indicates that in case of headaches, fever, body aches or red spots on the skin, it is necessary to seek the health unit to which it belongs for evaluation and subsequent collection for the serology of the dengue. If you have any questions, the phone number is 3441-8591.

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