Elden Ring player destroys PS5 controller out of frustration

From Software’s soul-likes are famous and renowned for their high level of difficulty. As longtime players debate how far Ring of Elden Makes the gameplay easy or not, the game unquestionably brings that formula that incorporates failures and deaths as part of the experience. And sometimes it can be quite frustrating as shown in the image below.

Weebfromkonoha went to reddit show the damage he did to a PS5 controller after getting bored enough with it Ring of Elden. Unfortunately, we don’t have many details on what led to the DualSense massacre, the Reddit user simply says “I think that’s enough for today…”, along with a photo of the destroyed controller and Ring of Elden on the monitor, clearly indicating the “culprit”.

Of course, the real culprit for destroying a controller due to gaming-induced rage is the person throwing it. Ring of Elden seeks to frustrate your players and will certainly test your patience, but if your anger gets so out of hand it destroys a BRL 400+ prop, it’s time to get help.

We want to hear from our readers, so – which one of you is playing Ring of Elden? Among the players, which boss has given you the most difficulty so far? Did they break something? Join the conversation in the comments!

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