Everything you need to know about the new season

Rainbow Six Siege has just entered its 7th year and, to get off to a good start, the new season Demon Veil, with a new operator, map, and tools.

Additionally, the Demon Veil season will bring the permanent addition of Team Deathmatch mode and a new layer of strategy that could have big impacts for the rest of the game. Game.


However, nothing is bigger than switching to a new operator: Azami. Hailing from Japan, Azami is a defender with 2 hit points and 2 speed points. Its armament is a D-50 pistol and two other options: either a 9X19SVN submachine gun or an ACS12 shotgun.

His ability is the Kiba Barrier, “a modified kunai that sticks to the surface after being thrown and releases material that expands and solidifies, creating a bulletproof barrier to fill gaps in his defense,” according to the Ubisoft.

Additionally, Goyo, another defender, is getting a small tweak in the new season and can now place gas canisters on walls and floors.

In addition to the new Operator and the adjustment of Goyo’s powers, the new season of Rainbow Six Siege brings a new map, called Emerald Plains. The map is based in a mansion on the Emerald Isle in Ireland, where players will battle on multiple levels, from manicured gardens to the rooftop. This will be the first new map to come to the game in three years, providing one more point to explore in the game.

Additionally, Ubisoft is introducing a new mode, Team Deathmatch. This new movement will oppose two teams of five players each. Players will be able to choose any operator, regardless of the team or if another member is playing with them. This mode is ideal for players who want to practice shooting, as it will remove powers, shields and drones, which is crucial in competitive mode.

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Finally, Rainbow Six Siege is introducing an “Attacker Repick” system in the new season. With it, the attacking team can choose a new operator in the preparation phase, adjusting the strategy to the operator choice that the defenders make. Thus, there could be a complete change in the competitive landscape of Rainbow Six Siege.

The Demon Veil Season is now live, and Operator Azami can now be unlocked through Battle Pass Premium Track, or with Renown or R6 Credits.

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