Fuel prices will drop on Monday

Fuel prices will drop next Monday, in what is the first reduction of 2022.

An industry source confirmed to CIS that the the liter of diesel should fall by 19 cents.

In the case of gasoline, the the descent should be about 14 cents per liter.

This fall in fuel prices follows the fall in the value of oil on international markets.

After the sharp rise in values ​​that had not been seen for 14 years, the price of oil is starting to fall again. The barrel has already fallen from the threshold of 100 dollars, the lowest value for 15 days.

You Fuel prices have soared in recent weeksboth in the United States of America and in Europe, reaching the highest levels of the last decade, due to fears of a reduction in supply, caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In Portugal, diesel rose last week by more than 14 cents per litre, while petrol was around eight cents more expensive, before rising again this week.

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