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The Department of Health of Quatro Pontes, through the Department of Sanitary Surveillance, confirmed the first two cases of dengue of the year. This raises, once again, the alert on the need to increase prevention in the elimination of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits this disease and others.

Endemic agents, with the support of civil servants from the Department of Public Works, Town Planning and Transport, are already blocking the breeding sites, because there are many breeding sites. The application is by nebulization with the Ultra Low Volume (UBV) costal device and the orientation of the Health Department is that the population collaborates when the team passes in the streets. That is, you need to leave the doors and windows open so that the insecticide spreads and reaches the mosquitoes in the house. You should always tie dogs up and shield, cover or leave small animals, such as birds, in an isolated room while spraying. Residents must also take care not to expose themselves to the spray of insecticide, in addition to not leaving clothes on the clothesline and not approaching the gas station attendant.

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The Secretary of Health, Marco Antônio Wickert, stresses that the population must be careful and get into the habit of constantly inspecting the courtyard. “The breeding places must be eliminated, because with the large number of larvae that have been found, we will soon have more dengue cases. We do not want the municipality to go through an epidemic again. We need everyone’s collaboration,” he said.

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The Monday dengue bulletin (14) records, in addition to the two confirmed cases, five declared cases, two ruled out cases and one case under investigation. So far, there are no notifications for suspected Chikungunya or Zika virus.

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Endemic agents Daiane Aline Laufer Schroder, Marciane Inês Kollett and Cinthia Margarete Soares say there are a large number of foci discovered during the visits. “Preventing dengue only involves eliminating breeding sites. The period of rain and heat is something that contributes to the appearance of the larvae, which evolve into the Aedes aegypti mosquito. We reinforce the importance for all residents to take care of their homes, with frequent inspections of gutters, water tanks, plant pots, drains, refrigerator bins, pet water pots and of all materials exposed to the open air that can accumulate water,” they say. .

In the schools of the municipality, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has already launched an orientation campaign, asking parents and/or legal guardians to apply repellent to children and to include the produced in school supplies.

Complaints should be filed by calling the municipality’s SUS Ombudsman at 98804-2060.

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