Perfect Dark loses its developers to the beat of ‘Fast and Furious’

The developers of The Initiative, the Xbox studio responsible for rebooting perfect dark, are leaving the company at a rapid pace. Nearly half of the employees have abandoned ship and some have even called the exodus “fast and furious”.

It is possible to verify that this large number of people have indeed left their positions at The Initiative, but the reasons still appear in the form of rumors and speculation. When speaking to some of the devs who have left the company, the folks at VGC cite their dissatisfaction with the direction of the project and the general feeling that employees aren’t being heard in the direction of the game.

The most worrying part is that the number of departing employees counts with some employees in managerial and managerial positions. Daniel Neuburger was the director of perfect dark and came out last month, for example. The studio also lost system designers, animation, leveling, and world leaders. The lead gameplay engineer and head of animation also left The Initiative. And these are just a few examples, the full list can be found on VGC, totaling nearly 34 departures from the company.

All of this suggests that the staff of the Crystal dynamicswho was brought in to help with the game, may have had a much bigger role in the making of the game than previously appeared.

The studio, meanwhile, remains confident that these departures won’t impact the development of the game too much, and even suggests that it’s normal for so many people to leave in the times we live in today. “It’s not uncommon to have personnel changes, especially during a time of global upheaval over the past two years.” – said a spokesman for the Initiative.

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