Planet Earth will have geomagnetic solar storms in the next few days, but there is no risk

Surely you must have felt the temperature difference in recent years. Drastic changes, which alter the times of the year, ffreezing cold in summer and hot in winter. It is climate change that affects our entire planet due to global warming. Society interferes with the normal functioning of the Earth, altering and harming the lives of all who inhabit it.

These are factors internal to our planet, but there are also external factors, such as solar storms.

According to a warning issued by the The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), solar storms occurred between March 14 and 15. Besides her, the British Met Office also monitors the situation and reports that storms can cause certain effects in certain places on our planet, such as auroras in certain latitudes.

Storms like this affect the Earth’s magnetic field, which eventually interferes with high-frequency radio signals at high latitudes, as well as some satellites, whose routes must be changed to prevent this from happening.

These disturbances are between levels 6 and 5, respectively Monday and Tuesday. The level is established according to the Kp index – which has ten levels of classification. This solar storm will not bring any unexpected anomalies, in addition to the effects mentioned above, we can expect vivid auroras at the poles of our planet, coloring the skies of these places.

Solar storms are frequent and constantly monitored and studied. In them, the plasma of the outer atmosphere of the Sun is expelled. With this coronal mass ejection, combined with the flow of particles from the solar winds, the magnetic field of planet Earth ends up being affected and generates these disturbances.

Although the Sun is increasingly active, we will hardly see any reaction that could be disastrous for humanity. What we produce here has been far more detrimental to our survival than what comes from space. So, if you can, enjoy these beautiful auroras rolling over the high peaks of our little planet.


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Source: NOAA

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