Samsung is already preparing the screen of the new Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung very recently launched its new Galaxy S22which apparently have a huge success in the market, especially the Ultra version, which will get many positives from the “old” Galaxy Note, in order to conquer the fans of the Android world.

However, succeeding in the first big launch of the year does not mean that the South Korean giant can now lean back in the shade of the banana tree. We are still in March, there is a lot of work to do, and a lot of ranges to renew!

This is exactly why Samsung has planned an event tomorrow to announce its new Galaxy Aand of course, is already preparing everything, for the launch of its new generation of foldables, namely the Z Flip 4, which in 2022 will again be a big bet for the manufacturer, to try to consolidate the folding devices.

Samsung is already preparing the screen of the new Galaxy Z Flip 4

Turnaround Z 4

Therefore, it seems that the mass production of the new folding screen, for the Z Flip 4, has already started, and the first units will be delivered in April. Which isn’t so impressive considering it’s the same schedule as last year. However, in 2022 the number of units ordered seems to be much higher.

After all, Samsung plans to produce 8.7 million foldable OLED displays for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. A much higher number compared to the 5.1 million screens produced for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. What is clear, means that the bet will be significantly higher in 2022, compared to the already interesting bet of 2021, on the Z Flip 3.

Hopefully the pricing strategy will be at least similar, as last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 has already hit normal high-end prices. It would be very interesting to see an even lower price in 2022. Since, in this way, Samsung would really trample its rivals and say “I want to rule the foldable world”. But let’s see what will happen.

Besides, what do you think of all this? Ready for the next generation of foldable handsets from Samsung? The competition is now greater, Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo betting on their own alternatives!

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