THE BALL – Offensive chants in Gaitán are worth a fine to FC Porto (Liga)

FC Porto have been fined 714 euros by the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation, due to the behavior of their supporters around Argentinian Nico Gaitán.

According to the referee’s report of the match, made on March 6 and referring to the 25th day of the League, FC Porto fans, located at Bancada Nascente, identified by their jerseys, scarves and chants of support for the team during the match, chanted in unison several times: ‘Gaitán, go to f******!’.

It is also mentioned that in the 53rd minute, another group of Porto supporters threw “plastic water bottles, without lids, in the playing rectangle, in the direction of the players of Paços de Ferreira, having touched any sports agent, nor stopped the match”.

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