THE BALL – The supporters went to Slimani and Edwards (Sporting)

Sporting’s return to away triumphs, in this case at Moreira de Cónegos, this Monday, after three consecutive draws (FC Porto, Marítimo and Manchester City), began to take shape with Slimani’s goal from afar the player most applauded and applauded by the very public affection for the lions who filled the upper bench and part of the central. “Sli-Sli-Slimani!” was chanted after the Algerian scored his fourth league goal, for the third game in a row. It’s not a job the fans are missing: Slimani scored against Marítimo, netted twice with Arouca and paved the way, against Moreirense, to a victory that turned out to be peaceful, despite Moreirense’s good reaction after the break.

First-time starter Marcus Edwards also received a loud ovation from Sporting fans when he was replaced by Pedro Gonçalves. The Englishman provided the assist on Slimani’s goal, he was also involved in the second goal and the dedicated Lions crowd gave him a deserved tribute.

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