The cardiologist explains how to proceed after collecting the batch of Losartana

CARATINGA- The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) published this Monday (3/14) a press release concerning the voluntary recall by Sanofi Medley of all product batches losartan potassium + hydrochlorothiazide 50 mg + 12.5 mg, losartan potassium + hydrochlorothiazide 100mg + 25mg and losartan potassium 50mg and 100mg Medley brand tablets. The drug is indicated for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart failure.

The agency said it has received international alerts about the presence of the so-called “azido” impurity (impurity named LADX) in the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) losartan potassium, as well as in other drugs belonging to the class of sartans.

To clarify the doubts of Internet users, DIÁRIO spoke with cardiologist and echocardiographer Marcos Vinícius Domingos (CRM 35 789).

Marcos clarified that the published recalls do not apply to all losartan-containing products on the Brazilian market. “A few days ago, the company Sanofi Medley published a press release indicating that it was going to withdraw from the market samples of certain batches of the Medley brand of the drug Losartan, isolated, combined with hydrochlorthiazide, an antihypertensive. How do I proceed? The first question to ask yourself is: is the losartan you are taking branded as Medley? If the answer is no, case closed, you can continue to take it without risk.

However, if the drug is of this brand, some initial steps can be done by the patient himself. “He can take the medicine box, this green box, there is a SAC, Customer Service. The patient will call, check if the batch he is taking is the same as the one being recalled, is recalled from the market. If this answer is yes, he should contact his doctor, who will replace Losartana with another brand”.

Patients should not stop treatment unless their doctor has advised them to stop. Those who have doubts about the current treatment are also recommended to go to a professional, as Marcos Vinícius warns. “Another approach that can be taken is I am taking Medley brand Losartana, I have tried to get in touch with the Medley SAC and could not. Get in touch with your doctor who will be able to guide you properly , but he will probably switch you to another brand of Losartan”.

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