The fall in the price of a barrel of oil could have repercussions on fuels

For the first time in two weeks, the price of a barrel of oil fell below the 100 dollar mark. Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine may have helped, but the market remains volatile.

After the skyrocketing values ​​that had not been seen for 14 years, the price of oil drops again. The barrel has already fallen from the threshold of 100 dollars, the lowest value for 15 days.

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine seem to calm investors, who believe that sooner or later a ceasefire will be reached. The measures announced by several countries to mitigate the rise in prices and the policies defined by the European Union also seem to be helping.

But it’s not just crude that is cheaper on the markets. Refined products such as gasoline and diesel are also included. If the trend continues, it could affect fuel pricesbut only early next week.

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