The group with stands in Braga, Barcelos and Viana won 172 million. “Best year of my life”

BMcar, BMW and Mini dealer, with stands in Braga, Barcelos and Viana, earned 172 million euros in 2021, “the best year in the history” of the company, with a growth of 23% compared to the previous period. In a press release, BMCar added that it expects to earn 570 million euros within three years, with the objective of selling around 12,000 vehicles and 115,000 service orders in the aftermarket. -sale.

“The last year ended as the best in the history of BMcar, the 10th in a row, with a growth of 23% compared to the previous period. In total, BMcar reached 172 million euros in turnover, sold 3,531 vehicles and more than 21 million euros in the after-sales field alone”, explains the group which, in addition to Braga, Barcelos and Viana, is represented in Porto and Póvoa. by Varzim.

BMCar also adds that “it intends to exceed the bar of 570 million euros in turnover for the three-year period 2022-2024. The objective is part of the BMcar 2022-2024 “Out of Your Mind” Strategic Plan, which also aims to sell nearly 12,000 vehicles and guarantee around 115,000 intervention orders in the aftermarket. -sale “.

“The name of our new strategic plan, Out of Your Mind, is not naïve. We are going through a strong transformation of the automotive sector at different levels, such as in the case of the product, how it is distributed, how business is conducted. It will be a period that will force us to adapt even more quickly to this new reality”, explains Pedro Rodrigues, CEO of BMcar, quoted in the press release.

Pedro Rodrigues adds that “the BMcar Group is ready to respond according to the current and future needs of the automotive sector. These last few years have been particularly difficult, but they have not prevented us from investing in the Group’s growth with new businesses, new physical and digital spaces, even more personalized services, as well as new turnover records. business”.

Remember that, in April last year, BMCar opened a space in Braga entirely dedicated to BMW classics built until the end of the well as the BMZ Z8, one of the most emblematic models of the German brand.

At the time, the group pointed out that it is a “unique space in Portugal and rare in the whole world”, which results from an investment of 600 thousand euros and is located in an area of ​​1,000 meters squares.

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