Twitter backs down after ‘rain’ of criticism over post viewing mode changes – Internet

Recently, Twitter announced that it was change the way posts are viewed on the platform with the aim of making it easier to switch between viewing the latest tweets and featured posts on the homepage. However, the decision did not please most Internet users and, in view of the feedback received, the social network ended up changing its mind.

In a message on his user support account, Twitter said listened to user complaints, returning to the previous timeline. For now, the platform says it will remove the tabs it had planned while exploring other options.

Recall that initially, Twitter’s plans were to give users the ability to navigate between two timelines: one dedicated to featured tweets organized by the platform’s algorithm and another that features the most recent posts.

Twitter had already started testing changes to the way it views posts in October last year, trying them out with some users of its iOS app and, later, with a limited set of people using the web version. of the social network.

Depending on the platform, it would be possible to set how you want to view posts and also to “jump” between timeline tabs at the top of the page, in a change that would begin with the iOS version of Twitter.

However, several users have complained about not being able to make most recent tweets the default view. The criticism intensified after Twitter confirmed that the view with featured posts was set first by default.

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