Twitter rolls back and drops making timeline difficult to access

O Twitter renounced deploying the timeline managed by algorithms by default instead of respecting the user’s choice for the modality with algorithms or in chronological order. The proposal drew a backlash from the public and caused the bird’s social network to reverse its decision.

The change was first released on iOS, Last week, and later on Android, but the community rejected the idea. In an official post, Twitter said it had heard calls from users to facilitate the latest tweets beforehand. “We’ve brought back the timeline and removed the tabbed experience while exploring other options,” the support profile said.

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As soon as the network announced the change, the criticism started with intensity. The feed with the latest updates is a favorite for many people as it makes the platform look fresh. This is essential for anyone who uses the network to catch up on the latest news, such as in the case of the war between Ukraine and Russia, or to follow the routine of a digital influencer.

algorithmic messages

The main criticism of the use of algorithms in the display of posts is the limitation of the contents viewed. Bots are programmed to display texts, photos and videos based on the user’s recent access, so there is a risk of creating a “repeating bubble”, a kind of loop of the same content, as in the instagram and not ICT Tac. This results in posts being pushed aside from your close friends or family with little or no interaction in favor of larger profiles.

While Twitter hasn’t removed the recent posts tab, access would become more bureaucratic and could get in the way of those who just want to quickly check the latest facts. Each time the app was closed and reopened, you had to switch tabs to see the chronological order.

The network’s official profile response, however, hints that Twitter still plans to make the unwanted timeline change in the future. If there is an easy way to better control the user experience, you can bring it. If the platform insists on forcing the use “down the throat”, then yes, the backlash can harm the audience of one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Source: Twitter support

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