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Altice Portugal will change direction. Alexandre Fonseca will assume an international function, remaining chairman of the board of directors (chairman) of the national company. At Altice Europe, a structure of three managers will be created – to which Alexandre Fonseca will go – to whom the various European operations will be attached.

As CEO (Executive Chairman) of Altice Portugal comes Ana Figueiredo, who has led Altice Dominicana since 2018. He joined the company when it was Portugal Telecom. He will take office on April 2.

Alexandre Fonseca will coordinate the operations of the various countries, assuming the role of co-CEO and responsible for the operations of the Altice group, in particular Altice Europe. There will be another co-CEO in charge of finance Malo Corbin and another of engineering David Drahi. Alexandre Fonseca guarantees that he will perform the new functions from Lisbon.

Ana Figueiredo will thus report to Alexandre Fonseca, who guarantees full management autonomy to the new manager of Altice Portugal.


“As of April 2, all responsibility for the Altice Portugal group will belong to Ana Figueiredo, and I [Alexandre Fonseca] I will no longer have executive responsibilities or operations. Ana, as CEO, like the other CEOs of the other operations, will have, together with their management teams, complete autonomy to implement business plans and strategies”, underlined Alexandre Fonseca, during a conference of press during which the changes.

There is, he added, in the multinational group an entity “responsible for ensuring that the management teams deliver results and have the same priorities as the group and the shareholders”. He added: “All operations are autonomous, management is completely autonomous and they must be responsible for the structure of the group and the priorities of the group.”

Alexandre Fonseca confirmed during the meeting that there is no intention of the shareholders of the company to sell the company in Portugal. “The shareholders have already spoken on this subject, the Portuguese operation is not for sale, it is one of the main operations of the group and has confidence in the management and in the Portuguese operation”, underlining the ” shareholder confidence in Portugal, in the operations in Portugal, and in its continuity. [A venda] this is not a problem “. Asked if selling the national operation is a red line for Alexandre Fonseca, the executive says he already has many years of experience to assume there are no red lines or red lines. another color. “Strategies, objectives and management options are taken according to the objectives”, underlines Alexandre Fonseca, who assumes that there is “work to be done for its mission, its strategy and the achievement of results”.

To assume confidence in Portugal, Alexandre Fonseca systematized: the new CEO of Altice Portugal is Portuguese, there is a co-CEO in the new Portuguese structure and Altice Portugal will have a Portuguese president, “functions that will be exercised from the Portugal”. In other words, he said, “Lisbon will also be an Altice management hub internationally.” The to-do list for this new team is to have a cross-functional structure that “guarantees synergies, better customer service, cost-efficiency in operations and greater efficiency in field operations”. Consolidation issues, even though he says the market is heading there, he defers to shareholders who have that skill.

Ana Figueiredo, who has been in international operations since 2016, joined Portugal Telecom Group in 2003. “It’s like coming back to a house,” she says growing up at PT as a professional, “where I have a lot learned as a professional”. A word also left in Altice where he also says he grew up professionally. “The mission remains the same,” assumes the future CEO of Altice Portugal, admitting that she will request a presentation meeting with the regulator Anacom. “Obviously, if they welcome me, I will go with pleasure”, he assumed. The manager says she is “ready to develop this company, its operations, its export talents, its engineering and management capabilities beyond borders”.

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