Check out 18 minutes of gameplay from Returnal: Ascension, the game’s new free expansion

Sisyphus’ Tower promises new challenges and surprises even to the game’s best players

Housemarque developer and sony published this Wednesday (16) a 18+ minute video focusing on Returnal’s new free extension. Release scheduled for March 22 Ascension will bring two new game modes for the game, which will be earn resources multiplayer absent from your main adventure.

New video setting is mode Tower of Sisyphuswhich refers to the character in Greek mythology known to be doomed to eternally rolling a stone to the top of a mountain, only to see it roll to its base and have to repeat the task. The story is somewhat reminiscent of the dynamics of the game, which brings a high level of difficulty and invites players to repeat the same missions until they develop enough skills to win them.

Imitating Greek mythology, the mode is known to bring an endless amount of enemies and challenges that must be overcome by the player. According to Housemarque, players who take on this impossible mission will find new narrative elements for the gameas well as rapidly changing environments depending on the tower floor reached.

Tower of Sisyphus will develop the story of the protagonist

The developer explains that the Tower of Sisyphus will be available to players who have already completed return and for those starting the journey now. Although the new story elements should remain the same, when the player arrives at the location will determine how the game’s protagonist reacts for them.

Housemarque’s intention is “distill” the main combat elements of the game to make the experience more satisfying for players. The aim is to offer a familiar package to those who are already accustomed to the game, while there are enough changes for surprises to arise – including all-new enemies that can open portals to rooms with gear upgrades.

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Playstation acquires Housemarque, developer of Returnal

Playstation acquires Housemarque, developer of Returnal
Companies say they are delighted with the start of the partnership

The free DLC will also bring a new multiplayer mode, in which two players can team up to complete the challenges of Returnal, not being able to move too far away from each other. While continuing to bring new things to the exclusive PlayStation 5 game, the developer has already started work on a new projectWhat must not be a direct sequence of your most recent work.


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Source: House brand/YouTube

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