Covid-19: a study shows that transmission of the disease from mother to baby is rare

A survey conducted by the Collaborating Center of World Health Organization for Women’s Global Health at the University of Birmingham, England, points out that transmission of Covid-19 between mothers and babies is rare, even during or after pregnancy. pregnancy.

Research shows that only 2% of babies born to mothers infected with SARS-CoV-2 also tested positive for the disease. However, they are more likely to become infected when a woman contracts the disease after giving birth.


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Contrary to what was imagined, the study also showed that natural births and breastfeeding does not increase the likelihood of babies being infected by their mothers. “Our study is the first to use the rigorous methods of the World Health Organization to show that it is possible for the virus to spread from mother to baby in the womb, during childbirth and after childbirth. “said study leader Shakila Thangaratinam.

The responsible team also points out that the study aims to reassure mothers on the likelihood of infection in their children, as well as alerting professionals and health authorities to how the disease affects babies so that they can benefit from proper follow-up.

Black woman with hands on her belly
Covid-19: a study shows that transmission of the disease from mother to baby is rare. Image: Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Officials also stress the importance of vaccination against Covid-19 during pregnancy, so that women are even more protected and do not develop serious forms of Covid-19 during pregnancy.

The next steps in research are to understand how the new variants of concern act in the organisms of infected newborns.

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