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Elden Ring’s score of 96 in the Metacritic and OpenCritic review groups helped the game reach unprecedented audiences for From Software: Bandai Namco announced today that 12 million copies were sold around the world.

However, as more and more players complete Elden Ring, one topic of discussion becomes increasingly important: does the game deserve the ratings it has received or is it overrated?

Although everyone agrees that it’s an absolutely fantastic gamethere are more and more hardcore From Software fans saying that Elden Ring is overrated and suffers from various issues, especially in the second half of the game.

A mirror of this is a post on Elden Ring’s Reddit that has received a lot of attention over the past 10 days and criticizes the game, namely the second half: “Quality drops a lot in the second half of the game “, wrote the user “OjiBabatunde”.

For context, Elden Ring’s Reddit currently has 866,000 subscribers, making it one of the largest internet communities dedicated to gaming. That’s a small sample compared to the 12 million units sold, but it’s full of hardcore gamers who have played previous From Software titles.

This user’s post, which happens to be a very detailed review of the pros and cons of Elden Ring, has 554 upvotes (and an 83% upvote rate), meaning most end up being agree with what he wrote. . We scoured the reviews and it was hard to find anyone who disagreed.


“Everyone here seems to be praising the game, calling it FromSoft’s magnum opus, when they haven’t tried most of the content yet. Only the final boss is missing, and I honestly gave it a score 7-8/10 at best. assumptions,” the user began typing.

“Before someone comes along and accuses me of lack of skill as an argument, I’m a huge fan of all other FromSoft games. I’ve played through them countless times and defeated every boss in various melee , no shield, no magic, no ashes and no summoning”.

The publication of “OjiBabatunde” is quite extensive – you can see it in full here – and seems to have given voice to other players who feel the same way, but were afraid to voice their thoughts on the game. User “R0gueLead3r” had this to say, “this post makes me healthier d ‘spirit”.

“I feel like there is no honest discussion going on”

“And I love Elden Ring. But I felt disconnected from everyone praising it as one of the greatest games of all time. I don’t feel that and have been manipulating myself since launch. I feel like it there is no honesty being discussed and those who criticize Elden Ring are drowned out, ridiculed or hated.”

“I think it’s a good game, but it gets a free pass for things that other games/studios/producers would be destroyed in,” “R0gueLead3r” concluded in response to “OjiBabatunde’s” post. .

For those who play Elden Ring or have already finished, what are your impressions? Do you agree with those Reddit users who say the game is overrated?

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