Address: Rua José Manoel Vilela, 413 – Downtown

Responsible: Lt Luis

Telephone: (64) 3632-4104

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. | 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

I. Exercising the general direction, guiding, coordinating and supervising the work of the organization and the units directly subordinate to it; II. Exercise technical and normative control over matters falling within the competence of the Superintendence, even if its execution is delegated to another unit of the organization; III. Coordinate the investigation and evaluation of public problems in charge of its Superintendency and present solutions within the framework of government planning; IV. Transmit the draft budget of the Superintendence for the following year to the Department of Administration and the Department of Treasury, at the appropriate time; V. Prepare, annually, a report on the execution of the budget as far as its Superintendency is concerned, for accountability and evaluation of the Government Action Plan; SEEN. Issue interlocutory decrees in trials whose decision belongs to the Mayor and decision-making decrees in those of his competence; VII. Approve the calendar of holidays for the Superintendency’s servers; VIII. Authorize the payment of bonuses to civil servants for the provision of extraordinary services, under the conditions of the legislation in force; IX. Ask the Municipal Mayor to rent the servers of the Superintendence, according to the terms of the legislation in force; X. Praise officials, apply disciplinary sanctions and propose the application of those who exceed their skills; XI. Determine the conduct of investigations to investigate irregularities, as well as request the mayor to open administrative investigations, if necessary; XII. Ensure compliance with these Regulations and give instructions for the performance of the services; XIII. Transmit to the Administrative Commission for Appeals of Offenses (JARI), within the legal deadlines, the judgment, all the remedies formed by the offenders; XIV. Provide technical, administrative and financial support to JARI, as required by law (CONTRAN resolution no. 233); XV. Request and authorize the training of servers at the management and execution level; XIV. Investigate relevant processes, give notice authorizing or denying taxi services authorizations; delivery motorcycle; collective, charter, school, tourist and experimental transport; the transport of goods, which is the responsibility of the municipality, as well as the promotion of the registration of escort, towing (towing) and garbage collection vehicles; XVII. Advise the mayor in the formulation of policies to be adopted by the municipality in the field of transit and public transport of passengers and goods; XVIII. Respect and enforce the legislation and the highway code, within the framework of its attributions; XIX. Promote the organization of the transit and urban traffic system, in conjunction with the competent authorities of the State and the Union; XX. Promote and supervise studies and research on the transport of people by bus, taxi and motorcycle taxi, aimed at achieving the ideal sizing of the system; XXI. Promote and supervise the carrying out of studies and research aimed at the development of traffic and terrain engineering projects, identifying possible sources of funding for their realization; XXIII. Propose, in collaboration with the municipal works and town planning department, general orientations concerning the structure of the road system; XXIII. Plan, design, regulate and operate the transit of vehicles, pedestrians and animals and promote the development of traffic and the safety of cyclists; XXIV. Plan and implement measures to reduce vehicle traffic and redirect traffic, with the aim of reducing the overall emission of pollutants; XXV. Propose, after analysis of the table of costs, the value of the tariff for the collective transport of people, the taxi, the Mototaxi and the paying transport of motorcycle delivery; XXVII. Coordinate, program and execute the public transport policy of the Municipality; XXVII. Complete, by ordinance, the regulatory standards for the authorization of public transport services for passengers and goods, within the framework of the municipality; XXVIII. Operationally detail, by ordinance, the regular system of public passenger transport in the municipality, setting routes, frequency, timetables, places and times of stopping and criteria for special services; XXIX. Establish operational plans for the taxi, mototaxi, motorcycle delivery service, defining the costs, equipment and locations of the parking points; XXX. Sign agreements with state and federal agencies, for the effective integration of the municipality into the national transport system; XXXI. Analyze and decide on the implementation of plans and projects relating to housing estates, housing projects, all types of urban equipment, constructions or events, likely to influence the fluidity of traffic and the urban transport system; XXXII. Articulate with the other bodies of the National Traffic System in the State, under the coordination of the State Traffic Council in the State, under the coordination of the State Traffic Council – CETRAN; XXXIII. Authorize the provision of technical training services, advice and monitoring of activities related to traffic and transport, to other bodies or municipalities, during the period to be established between the parties, with reimbursement of the appropriate costs; XXXIV. Grant authorization to drive human-powered and animal-drawn vehicles; XXXV. Ensure that people with disabilities have safety and comfort in their travels; XXXVI. Sign all official documents of the Municipal Superintendence of Traffic; XXXVII. Perform administrative acts in general and represent the Municipal Superintendency of Traffic, actively or passively, before or outside the courts; XXXVIII. Promote the integration of the Superintendence with other bodies and entities of the national transport system for the purpose of collecting and compensating the fines imposed in the area of ​​its competence, with a view to standardizing licenses, simplifying and speeding up transfers of vehicles and patient register drivers from one unit of the Federation to another; XXXIX. Promote a good relationship with military police authorities and other agencies of the national transportation system.

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