Less than 10 km/h on the highways and more telework to save oil

The International Energy Agency (IEA) calls for reducing speed limits on highways and promoting teleworking three days a week whenever possible to save oil and avoid supply problems.

In a series of ten measures aimed at reducing oil consumption due to the crisis generated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, published this Friday, the IEA calls for a reduction in the speed limit on motorways by at least less 10 kilometers per hour and the promotion of telework three days a week as much as possible to save oil and avoid supply problems.

The IEA calculates that if these measures are implemented in developed countries within four months, there will be a savings equivalent to 2.7 million barrels per day.

Another tip from the organization to save oil is the declaration of car-free days on sunday in the cities, do the the cheapest public transport, to supply incentives to walk or cycleand the establishment of alternative car traffic on urban roads.

Increase in practices of car sharingpromoting a more efficient driving for truckers or delivery drivers, increased use of High-speed trains night shifts instead of cars, banning air travel when alternatives exist, and speeding up renewal of electric vehicle fleet or more effective are other IEA tips.

The agency’s executive director, Fatih Birol, warned in a statement that, in the face of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, “the world could face its biggest oil supply shock in decades. , with enormous implications for economies and societies”.

Hence the logic of this shock plan, which comes on top of the decision taken by the Member States at the beginning of the month to release 62.7 million barrels from their strategic reserves to ease tensions on the markets.

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