Portuguese Alexandre Fonseca appointed international CEO of Altice Group – Economy

Portuguese businessman Alexandre Fonseca was named international CEO of the Altice group on Friday. Alexandre Fonseca, with the new appointment, also remains Chairman (Chairman of the Board) of Altice Portugal.

Altice Portugal will now have a new CEO, Ana Figueiredo, now the current Executive Committee, “a recognized senior manager of Altice and who, until now, served as CEO at Altice Dominicana (Altice’s operations in the Dominican Republic ),” Altice said in a statement.

“I accepted the challenge given to me by our two founders, Patrick Drahi and Armando Pereira, to assume the functions of Co-CEO and Head of Group Operations, namely, at Altice Europe, while remaining physically based in Portugal. It is a new and enormous challenge, with additional responsibilities in the Group, which motivates me and makes me proud, as a professional and also as a Portuguese”, writes Alexandre Fonseca in the letter where he reports on the new functions at the international level at Altice.

André Figueiredo, trusted director of Alexandre Fonseca, will accompany the new CEO of Altice International in this new challenge.

The announcement of the new management structure was made by the company during a press conference.

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