PUBG Mobile gets update 1.9 and anniversary event


The game’s 4th anniversary brings a slew of news

PUBG Mobile gets update 1.9 and anniversary event
© Reproduction / KRAFTONPUBG Mobile gets update 1.9 and anniversary event

This Wednesday (16) the 1.9 update of PUBG-Mobilewhich brings a series of news and highlights to the 4th anniversary of Gamewith special news for this special celebration.

The first novelty is the aerial battlefield, in which players will be able to enter the location, transforming into colorful puppets to collect resources. Unlike other traditional modes, hitting the opponent will fill their head and hitting their teammates will empty their head. This arena will only be available for the first 5 minutes of the start of the map.

Additionally, new folding mountain bikes can be found across the map, serving as a mode of transport for a player that can be stored in their backpack whenever desired. Players will also be able to see the all-themed maps to celebrate the anniversary, in addition to other news that will be revealed soon.

The 1.9 update of PUBG-Mobile is now available with the anniversary news, crossing with Warframe and Cycle 2 Season 5. It should be remembered that PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play Battle Royale game for the Android mobile platform through Google Play and iOS through the App Store.

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