Quatro Pontes confirms two more dengue fever cases

The possibility of a dengue epidemic is already worrying the Ministry of Health in Quatro Pontes. That’s because the number of cases jumped from two to four in one day. It does not seem like much, but given the number of inhabitants of the commune, the situation is already on high alert and it is necessary to increase the preventive measures of the population regarding the elimination of epidemics of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Yesterday’s bulletin (16), updated by the Department of Health Surveillance, still records 12 notified, six under investigation and awaiting results and two dismissed. Endemic agents, with the support of civil servants from the Department of Public Works, Town Planning and Transport, are already carrying out work to block breeding sites, because there are many breeding sites.

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The application of insecticide to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito is done by nebulization with the Ultra Low Volume (UBV) costal device and, when citizens see the team, they must facilitate entry. You should also leave the doors and windows open, so that the insecticide spreads and reaches the mosquitoes in the house. You should always tie dogs up and shield, cover or leave small animals, such as birds, in an isolated room while spraying. It is also essential to be careful not to be exposed to the spray of the insecticide, in addition to not leaving clothing on the line and not approaching the operator of the pump.

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The Department of Health, through endemics, is asking people to take good care of their homes, with frequent inspections of gutters, water tanks, plant pots, drains, drain pans, etc. refrigerator, animal waterers and all exposed materials that can accumulate water. .

In schools, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has launched a guidance campaign, asking parents or legal guardians to apply repellent to children and include the product in school supplies . Complaints should be filed by calling the municipality’s SUS Ombudsman at 98804-2060.

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