Rare fact: the impact of an asteroid in Norway was predicted by astronomers

Last Friday, March 11, the asteroid FY5 2022 hit the earth. The event itself was harmless, as it burned frictionally through the atmosphere; However, the 2 meter spacer stone was observed two hours before the arrival on our planet. Krisztián Sarneczky, who works in observatory of Piszkestet? (Hungary), was the first to detect the event. Suspecting that the asteroid might hit the globe, he contacted the Center of minor planets – an organization operating in the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatorywhich is part of the Center for Astrophysics along with the Harvard College Observatory.

(credits: YouTube channel “thebhp” (Pictures 1 and 2) / newsy-today.com (Picture 3)

Then the system NASA NEA score, performed the necessary calculations to attempt to anticipate the course, and confirmed that in fact it was on a collision course with Earth. Anticipating something of this level is quite rare, as this is only the fifth time a rocky body has been spotted before colliding. Although in this case it does not represent a considerable danger, shocks like this can be dangerous, because there is no protection mechanism to minimize the damage.

O west of Greenland to the Norwegian coast would be the places likely to be affected, according to measurements carried out with great agility. After this initial discovery, other observatories began to help. And with this, the trajectory could be calculated accurately. O FY5 2022 entered our atmosphere at 6:23 p.m. (Brasilia time)a 470 km off the east coast of Greenlandsouthwest of the Norwegian island of John Mayennortheast of Iceland.

Infrasound stations in Organization of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in Greenland and Norway detected the explosion. By crossing the data obtained in this event, Brown Stonean astronomer from the University of Western Ontario, believes the energy generated was something close to the 2 kilotons of TNT. Since it wasn’t a big asteroid, it was just bright enough to be observable with only hours to go before impact.


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Source: revistagalileu.globo.com, jpl.nasa.gov, newsy-today.com

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