Realme is the fastest growing 5G smartphone brand in the world

THE really, the youngest among the world’s top 6 smartphone makers, was named the world’s fastest growing 5G device brand for the first time. This robust growth has enabled the really earn a place in the TOP 5 of 5G smartphone shipments in 20 global markets and improve its position as the segment leader, in pursuit of the democratization of connection technology.

According to the latest report from Search for counterpoint5G smartphone deliveries from really experienced the fastest growth among major manufacturers, with a 165% annual increase in the fourth quarter of 2021. The rapid growth was driven by the company’s expansion into Western European countries such as Italy , Spain, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland, places where the brand is growing the most due to the strong presence of the 8 series 5G and GT.

Realme is the fastest growing smartphone brand. view data

Realme is the smartphone brand
Brands with quarterly shipments of 5 million units or more in Q4 2021, considering only major 5G manufacturers.

5G smartphones from really also maintained strong performance in regions such as the Middle East, North Africa and Asia-Pacific, which constitute the majority of the 20 markets (including India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar and Singapore) in which the brand’s 5G smartphone deliveries appear. among the top five manufacturers.

“This reinforces our commitment to working to become the democratizing enterprise of 5G. As an emerging technology brand, really has always been committed to encouraging young users around the world to experience the latest in the industry, such as 5G, and will continue to provide fans around the world with compelling and future-ready devices,” said Sky Li, Founder and CEO of really.

In order to popularize 5G technology and meet the needs of more users, the really offers devices with the most advanced connectivity across all of its product families, ranging from the popular Serial number to the GT-seriesthe brand’s most premium line.

As noted in the upcoming LATAM edition of “Ask Madhav”, the really 9 Pro+the most advanced 5G smartphone in the world Serial number and equipped with a Sony IMX766 sensor with OIS, will be launched in Brazil. Stay tuned.

about realme

Founded by Sky Li in 2018 and guided by her “Dare to Leap” spirit, really is the 6th largest smartphone company in the world. In the second quarter of 2021, the really was already present in 61 markets around the world, including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and the Latin America, with a global user base of over 100 million people. For more information about the brand, visit official site.

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