Sniper Elite 5 will be released at the end of May on PS4 and PS5

Publisher and developer Rebellion Developments has finally announced the release date of Elite Sniper 5who stayed for the day May 26. The sequence comes to PS4, PS5Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

The information came through a new trailer, which was released on Wednesday (16). In the plot, sniper Karl Fairburne must face a new Nazi threat, the so-called “Operation Kraken”, but he will have new means and resources to deal with the situation – such as sliding through zip lines to get a good position, for example. To verify:

Sniper Elite 5 will also have a new PvP mode, where it’s possible to invade other players’ campaigns – of course, they can also join your game. So it’s best to be smart while you’re too busy aiming for an enemy’s head from several meters away, because the other player can do the same to you.

Alongside the release date, Rebellion also revealed some pre-order goodies, which provide early access to the special “Wolf Mountain” campaign. In this mission, players will infiltrate Hitler’s private mountain located in Bavaria, Germany, only to kill him.

Weapons, gear, and skins will also be included in the Deluxe Edition bundle, along with the in-game Battle Pass. not yet available at PS Store.

Sniper Elite 5 will have locations inspired by Guernsey, the Channel Island

In early January, the publisher revealed that Sniper Elite 5 will have scenarios inspired by the island of Guernsey in the English Channel. The project developers even visited the site to gather information. Check details!

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